How to claim 🤫 1000 Dollars Of Free Credit from AWS?

How to claim 🤫 1000 Dollars Of Free Credit from AWS?

You must read this blog if you are a bootstraped tech startup or you are a student and launching your product.

If you are building a tech product for your startup or for others [Social work], and if you are thinking about the cost of maintenance of cloud and hosting, then the AWS Activate program is here to help you.

You can host your product at Zero Cost.

AWS Activate program helps to begin your tech startup journey at zero cost by providing 1000 dollars worth of credit for 2 years of validity.

You can visit AWS Activate for more details.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must have a domain name in the name of your product/startup. You can purchase one at Godaddy
  • You need to set up a plain landing page with the details
    • Few lines of description about your product/project
    • What is the USP? [In simple terms, what is the need for your product]
    • Provide contact details in the footer

That's all !

Steps to claim credit

  • Build a landing page from HTML Templates or by any drag-and-drop tool like Wix. If you have already skipped this step.
  • Purchase one domain from Godaddy, if you haven't.
  • Host the website. If you want to host it free of cost, host it in GitHub by Github pages. You can watch this video on how to host a simple website on GitHub pages.
  • Now you are ready to apply.
  • Go to and Click on Join Now. image.png

You may be asked for login. If you haven't an account just create one, AWS has no requirement for a credit card, You can verify the account by providing a debit card, and also AWS doesn't charge automatically from the card. That's a good thing about AWS.

  • Provide the details. If you haven't any startup name, just put your product name in the Company Name field and your residence address in Company Address Screenshot from 2022-11-04 22-43-28.png

  • On the next page provide your team details. Must provide Linkedin Profile although it's an optional field. It proves the authenticity of the team members Screenshot from 2022-11-04 22-43-55.png

  • On the next page it will ask for your Product Details.

    • Try to brief and point answers to the questions
    • Provide a link to the landing page
    • If you have any product demos, try to provide a link to product details. It will lead to quick approval.
  • You are done !

  • Expect to get the mail of approval within 7~14 days.

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